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Amazing Animal Fact Cards – Set 2


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We have so many Amazing Animals on our planet.  These fact cards are a must for every animal lover young and old. The perfect birthday gift for every animal lover. They also make a fantastic home education resource providing a fun educational activity that will allow them to learn through play about amazing unusual animals from around the world.
This is set 2 of our Amazing Animal fact cards, featuring even more of our favourite amazing animals from around the world.
Each Card features one of my original animal drawings, along with their common name and scientific name, where they live, what they eat, their conservation status and 3 fun facts and, the background colour of each card represents where in the world they live.
Use the cards to learn more about some of the amazing animals that we share the earth with, then play against each other to see who knows more, scoring points for all the facts that you know, with a bonus five points for remembering their scientifc names. Each card is also colour cordinated in a range of colours to show which area of the earth they are found in.
Why not collect the different Fact Card sets.  Amazing Animals 1, Amazing Animals 2, Extinct Animals & Amazing Primates.  Discover all the different animals of the world.  There are lots of ways to play with them, from testing each other on the facts to sorting by herbivores or carnivores.  Where they live or even using them to draw from and as the starting point of more research and project work.

Pack contains :

36 cards

1 key card

35 animal cards

Set 2 includes :

Portuguese Man of War

White Rhino
Malayan Tapir
Unicorn Fish
Amazon River Dolphin
Peregrine Falcon
Giant Oceanic Manta Ray
Ribbon Seal
Ring-Tailed Lemur
Jungle Nymph
Southern Cassowary
South American Coati
Grey Crowned Crane
Red Panda
Fennec Fox
Alligator Snapping Turtle
American Flamingo
Yellow Billed Hornbill
African Crested Porcupine
Hawksbill Turtle
Humpback Whale
Giant Ground Pangolin
Komodo Dragon
Long Eared Jerboa
Bengal Tiger
Basilisk Lizard
Saddled Pufferfish
Approx size 78mm x 108mm

Each pack comes packaged in its own fully printed box. So they make ideal gifts.

Printed in the UK, on FSC certified card stock.
They are also CE tested.


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