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Plastic Free Washing Up Combination Offer

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Start your plastic free journey and save 15% with this combo offer of a Little Fox 230g Washing Up Block and a pair of Scrubbies Plastic-Free Biodegradable Cleaning Pads/Eco-Sponges.


Scrubbies Plastic Free Biodegradable Cleaning Eco Sponge

Handmade Scrubbies Plastic-Free Eco Un-Sponge 100% Biodegradable – Twin Pack

Eco Sponges make an excellent replacement for the plastic ones most of us use every day.

A set of 2 fully biodegradable pads.

– 100% Organic Cotton printed with Eco dyes
– Bamboo Lining (naturally antibacterial – no smell)
– Hessian backed for excellent scrubbiness
– 100% Organic Cotton Thread (very important – cheap polyester thread doesn’t biodegrade)

They measure approximately 14cm x 11cm each.

Exact pattern placement will vary on each one.

Soft on one side, scrubby on the other…perfect!


Little Fox Plastic Free Washing Up Block – 230g

Eco-friendly plastic free washing up block with either a lemon scent or scent free.  This block is powered by plant based ingredients that are tough on grease yet gentle to your hands.

Only a very small amount of product is required, the bar removes, fats, oils and grease with ease – it also removes labels from jars.   It is extremely effective for cleaning wax wraps too!

This washing up block is also non harmful to marine life for when you let the plug out.  Alternatively it is so mild the rinse water can be used on your plants!

Say Goodbye to Plastic Washing up liquid bottles FOREVER!



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