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Williamson Tea Seasonal Elephant Caddy with Seasonal Blend

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Williamson Tea


Christmas to a T. Our Seasonal elephant gift caddy is a firm favourite and contains English Breakfast teabags.

A rich black tea Williamson’s English Breakfast is grown on Kapchorua’s high altitude ridgelines, processed on farm in our own factory, then packed into their unique elephant gift caddies for you to enjoy

English Breakfast 40 teabags 100g/3.52oz

16cm tall x 10 cm wide (6.3″ x 4″)



Our take on the classic English Breakfast. Kenyan Earth is named after the coppery red soils that symbolize Kenya and this bright, brisk cup of tea.

Grown on the high altitude slopes of Kapchorua and picked in the early morning sunshine our Kenyan Earth is an awakening, full bodied liquor that stimulates the body and mind.


Bush To Cup Transparency

Williamson believe customers should known where their teas are grown and what has happened to them all the way from bush to cup.

All of their teas are from their own farms.  Something totally unique enabling them to offer complete traceability through every aspect.  There is no blending from different sources, no increased carbon footprint transporting teas from around the world, just naturally grown, pesticide free teas straight from our bushes to your cup.

Growing Tea & The Farms

Tea is a natural, living product that changes with the seasons and should taste of where it is grown, the soils it has been cultivated on and season it has been picked in.

Williamson teas are grown sustainably on the rich red ochre soils of their Kenyan farms whose regional microclimates impart specific tastes, colours and textures, from the brisk, bright Kenyan Earth grown on Kapchorua, to the soothing green teas of Tinderet.

Each of their farms have a different story and produces uniquely different teas. It is this depth of knowledge of their farms and teas that they grow that enables them to produce the perfect cup time and time again.



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