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Amazing Extinct Animals Fact Cards

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Have you ever wondered about Extinct Animals?

Did you know that Ireland had its own Elk or that Australia had Tigers?  What did a Woolly Mammoth eat?  What year did the Dodo become extinct?

Discover more with this beautiful set of fact cards on Extinct Animals from Button & Squirt.

Each card features an illustration on the front with the animals common name.  Turn it over you will discover their scientific name, where they lived and what they ate.  Learn about when and why they are now extinct.  Each card features 3 facts about that animal.  As with other cards the background colour shows you where in the world they came from.

The object of these cards is to introduce you to some of the truly amazing animals that once walked this earth, but are now lost forever.  Some are lost due to a change in climate others disease but many to man and the effects man has had on the planet.


The cards are approx 78 x 108mm and come supplied in a fully printed box.  They are printed in the UK using FSC certified card.


Why not collect the different Fact Card sets.  Amazing Animals 1, Amazing Animals 2, Extinct Animals & Amazing Primates.  Discover all the different animals of the world.  There are lots of ways to play with them, from testing each other on the facts to sorting by herbivores or carnivores.  Where they live or even using them to draw from and as the starting point of more research and project work.


Every set of fact cards from Button & Squirt contains:

1 x key card

35 x animal cards.


A foreword from Button & Squirt

I watched how my eldest was effected when he learnt about the Tasmanian Tiger.  He couldn’t believe that there was this animal that he loved and that he would never see because we led them to their extinction.  It made him understand how important it is to protect the animals we have and made him even more passionate about their conservation.  I want to bring that inspiration to lots of other kids too, whilst teaching them about some awesome animals that they may not ever know about without this. 


The animals in this set includes:

Bubal Hartebeest

Woolly Mammoth



Pinta Island Tortoise

Great Auk

Caribbean Monk Seal

Caribbean Monk Seal Nasal Mite

Western Black Rhinoceros

American Lion

Giant Fossa

Bermuda Saw Whet Owl

Formosan Clouded Leopard

Irish Elk

Golden Toad

Sabre Tooth Tiger

Japanese Honshu Wolf

Giant Ground Sloth

Passenger Pigeon


Christmas Island Pipistrelle

Tecopa Pupfish

Spix Macaw

Japanese Sea Lion

Pyrenean Ibex

Malagasy Hippopotamus

Caroline Parakeet

Spotted Green Pigeon

Broad Faced Potoroo

Giant Short Faced Kangaroo

Polynesian Tree Snail

Giant Moa

Siberian Unicorn

Stellars Sea Cow

Tasmanian Tiger


1 review for Amazing Extinct Animals Fact Cards

  1. Laura Langley (verified owner)

    Kids love these. Only issue is that now I am subjected to the facts…all of the facts… facts that I didn’t even know I wanted to know hahaha 😀

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