Go Plastic Free

Go Plastic Free

We are a family of 5 over three generations who believe in teaching our children to look after our planet.There is much excitement from our youngest at only 21 months as everything gets recycled.Our aim to be a plastic-free family is now becoming a reality, so we thought we would share a few ideas we have used.

1. Clingfilm

Cling film is not recyclable, but foil is so remember to put it in the recycle bin.
For something more reusable, try Beeswax Wraps. Beeswax is 100% natural and kind to the environment. This means no nasties will leach into your food whilst it’s stored, they are so easy to reuse and are compostable. Plus, they come in fun patterns.
They are great for wrapping all sorts of things, don’t think they are only for sandwiches! Keep bread fresh or cheese in the fridge. They are also great for containing smelly things like onion in homemade coleslaw.

2. Toothbrush

Over 99% of the toothbrushes the world uses are plastic. The kind of plastic that’s not recycled, and which ends up in either landfills or the ocean and never breaks down.
We have beautiful, ergonomic ones made from Panda-friendly bamboo with a choice of coloured tips.

3. Drinking on the go

Despite looking like cardboard, 99% of disposable coffee cups are non-recyclable. Every minute over one million of these cups end up in landfills globally. The quick fix? Buy a reusable cup and a reusable water bottle. Most coffee shops will fill your own cup and some even knock a bit off the price of your latte if you bring your own.

4. Straws

Marine biologists in Costa Rica were horrified to discover an endangered sea turtle with a plastic straw lodged in its nostril. Much like the micro beads, these are proving to be detrimental to aquatic life.
Our alternative reusable stainless steel straws are so easy to clean and store.

5. Tea

Drinking tea is a very British tradition – so much so that we consume 60.2 billion cups of tea each year, according to the UK Tea and Infusions Association. Most of us tea-drinkers choose tea bags rather than tea leaves – 96% in fact. But if you are Eco-conscious, and trying to cut down on single-use, man-made materials, you may not be aware that some tea bags actually contain plastic. Several tea bag brands use polypropylene, a sealing plastic, to keep the tea bags from falling apart. We have some loose tea on order which will be here soon. We have introduced Williamson Tea as their ethics are second to none. We use our Rainbow Teapot daily which always brings a smile to any face.

6. Deodorant

If you have never tried cream deodorant you don’t know what you are missing. We started using it a while ago and had amazing results with Earth Conscious even whilst in Lanzarote! The added bonus is it comes in a tin. So no plastic at all.

7. Tampons

Have you considered using a Menstrual Cup? We wanted to try before we started selling menstrual cups. WOW. The biggest regret is not starting to use a cup from the beginning! OK, they take a little getting used to but once you have the ‘knack’ it is a doddle. We have found you have more time, less cramps (no idea why), you feel free. The cups we have come with a disinfecting box which makes life so much easier.

8. Shopping Bags

Without doubt the most famous of all the plastic free solutions. Scientists have suggested it could take up to 1,000 years for a plastic carrier bag to decompose. That’s a long time to be clogging up the planet, littering our public spaces and damaging wildlife around the world. To put this into perspective, it’s thought that by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish.
We have a great range of reusable shopping bags with various designs that will last and last.

9. Toys

One of our favourites is Wooden Toys. Buy sustainable wooden toys rather than plastic. We love the fact that they will become treasured and kept. They don’t just break, no annoying electronic noises and they prick the imagination in all manner of different ways. Even the cat enjoys pushing things around!

Got any good tips of your own?
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  1. Sue

    I have managed to implement several of these so far on my journey to plastic awareness, but I know I still have a way to go. I have ordered a soap bar this week with natural deodorant properties, so eager to see how that goes too 🙂

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